Affiliate WFG Membership

Opportunities ...

The principal advantages of becoming an Affiliate Member of the WFG are that you will obtain the advantage of the worldwide connections of a strong organisation.

Each year members meet at the WFG Annual Conference, which has proven to be a perfect occasion for networking and partnership development between members.

Upon joining, your company details will be added to the award winning WFG Website which is visited by numerous potential clients every day.

Benefits ...

  • Company details listed in WFG Membership Directory
  • Company details added to the WFG Website
  • Attendance at WFG AGM (no voting priviledges)
  • Authorised use of Members Area of WFG Website
  • Authorised use of the WFG logo
  • Ongoing public relations campaign
  • Link between Web Pages
  • Electronic Tracking & Tracing System

Apply Now!

If you would like to pursue Affiliate Membership with the WFG, please complete the following Application Form and fax to the WFG Head Office + 44 1420 571 393 or return by email to 

Click here for the application form.