Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the main benefits of membership?

From day one of joining the group you will have a global network with over 500 exclusive partner offices worldwide to enable you to request or consign your goods with peace of mind knowing that they will provide a good level of service for your company. Every year the WFG has an annual meeting where the members attend to meet their fellow colleagues to discuss future business. Your customer base is immediately expanded.

2. Will I receive business from other WFG agents?

The answer is yes, you will begin to handle freehands, routings, sales leads, quotations etc from the WFG members upon joining. This will inevitably increase your business volume.

3. How does the WFG verify that each of the members are working with each other?

The Board of Director's monitor and discuss once a year the performance of the Members in detail by asking the members to fill in survey forms, they then act on their findings.

4. Will I have to stop working with my existing agents?

The answer is no, you would start to work with a WFG member where you have no partner but in the areas you have a partner at the time of joining we would hope that you would switch business to them within 12 months of joining. Exceptions are granted for commercial reasons.

5. What happens when a member is late paying an invoice?

The member who is late paying their invoice must be firstly reported to the Head Office prior to passing this information onto the the Board of Directors. The debt must be over 30 days in compliance with the Rules of Membership.

6. What happens if a member does not abide by the Membership Rules?

If the member does not comply with the Membership Rules the Board of Directors have the right to expel the company's membership with the WFG group and often do.

7. Payment protection plan?

All members are protected by a group funded payment protection scheme, offering security and comfort when trading with fellow members..


"Wallace International Perth joined the WFG in 2007 and our Sydney Branch joining in 2010. We joined WFG so that we had global coverage for our customers with the bonus that we have grown our business though the global network with new opportunities . The WFG network is made of owner operators who are experts in their location With like minded passion to grow our business though personalized service The yearly conference allows us to sit face to face with our partners to discuss existing and new business opportunities. We have become more than partners we are The WFG Family Allowing only one WFG member for each location is very important In building those partnerships and friendships. Would like to thank the Board of Directors who give up their time without remuneration to make that every Partner is vetted and maintains professional standards."
Phil Thomas

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