Full WFG Membership

Membership Benefits

As a privately owned freight forwarder, the principal advantages of becoming a full member of the WFG are that you will gain the advantage of the worldwide connections of a strong organisation. You will also be the exclusive representative of your designated area, so you will immediately join a global network of over 500 offices who will want to send their business to you and expand their business within your marketplace. You will not share your area with any competitor.

WFG gathering

The WFG encourages a spirit of cooperation and unity among its members, which consequently creates significant new business. Each year members meet at the WFG Annual Conference, which has proven to be a perfect occasion for networking and partnership development between members. There is also daily participation in the WFG Protected E-Mail Networks.

Upon joining, your company details will be added to our website which is visited by numerous potential clients every day. Our Charter & Code of Conduct ensures that every WFG member is devoted to high quality performance standards and sound financial practice

Membership Criteria

  1. Privately owned and managed companies, who are ideally be endorsed by a current WFG member who has been trading satisfactorily with your company for at least one year.
  2. You must be prepared to make payments to other members within a maximum of 30 days.
  3. You should be prepared to at least dedicate new business within one year of joining.
  4. Existing long standing relationships are acceptable on the basis that a WFG member may not reciprocate business in those areas. These areas must be specified. An undertaking that your company, or its principals do not belong to any other competing association for the area represented.
  5. A Senior Representative from your company must attend the WFG Annual Conference within the first year of membership.
  6. You must participate in the WFG Payment Protection Scheme which is mandatory for all WFG members. We will require an initial transfer of USD 1,000 deposit to an interest bearing ring- fenced account administered by the management company (Distinct Services Ltd) in the UK on behalf of the Board and Members within three months of your membership starting. New members cannot make any claim until they have been a member for at least a continuous period of 6 months. If membership is terminated, a refund of a proportion of the deposit already paid will be made subject to the conditions detailed in the Scheme (available upon request)

Fee Structure

Fees are available on request and are set every year by the Board.

How to Apply Now!

If you would like to see if your area is vacant, please click here

  1. Fully complete the on-line Application Form
  2. We will then ask you to send supporting papers to the Head Office;
  3. Upon receipt of your supporting papers, your Application will be presented to the WFG Board of Directors;
  4. If your Application is successful, you will be invoiced your Joining and Annual Fee;
  5. Upon receipt of your Joining and Annual Fee, you will become a full WFG Member and be introduced to your fellow members, advised the password for the Members Area and your details will be added to the WFG Website.

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