Membership Types

We offer two categories of membership. Please click on the header below to go to the membership criteria and fee structure of the relevant type of membership for your company:

Full Membership (Air/Sea Forwarders)

Full Membership of the WFG entitles the member to exclusive representation of the WFG within a country, state or an assigned market place in which the member is resident and conducts business. Full members also play a major role in determining the direction the Group should take; contribute their views to define the goals of the Group; help design the formula for achieving those goals, etc. This is the only level of membership that has voting privileges.

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Affiliate Membership (Airlines, Airports, Consultants)

Affiliate membership is offered to companies that support the freight forwarding industry but are NOT directly involved in freight forwarding, such as airlines, express companies, airports, equipment manufacturers, financial institutions, consultants, etc.

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