WFG Membership Application

Please take care to answer ALL questions as partly completed forms will not be processed.

About You

Upon joining the WFG, will your company have a problem in changing business from existing agents to WFG members? Please list below the areas where you believe you may experience problems with changing business for commercial reasons.

When a company ceases to be a WFG member, the company is no longer entitled to use the name of the WFG and/or the WFG emblem and any reference to the WFG thus has to be removed from printed matter or stationery, buildings or vehicles, or otherwise. Failing to adhere to this proviso will result in legal proceedings against the company concerned.

Please use the following checklist to ensure that all required information is forwarded as an attachment to in support of your application.

If you cannot provide all the requested information please explain why below:

I declare that I am the above named person and have full authority to apply for membership of the WFG. I confirm that I have read and will comply fully with the WFG Charter, Code of Conduct and terms of membership, as published on the WFG website. I understand I must participate in the WFG Payment Protection Scheme and pay a USD 1,000 refundable deposit within 3 months of my membership starting.  
I have read and will comply with the Dispute Resolution Scheme, as published on the WFG website.  

I confirm that I agree to the Privacy Policy as stated on the World Freight Group website  



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